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Rights & Responsibilities

The Busker will be paid $100 Australian Dollars, in advance, every 4 weeks.  At the end of the 4 weeks the busker will be sent any money earned over the initial $100.  There is a small percentage fee for international money transfers.

Evidence of Authenticity – The busker is required to show reasonable evidence of financial, cultural or social disadvantage.  A short email from a reputable NGO/charity is preferred.  We will support the busker in producing this statement if required.

Reinvestment plan – The busker must consider using the money earned to improve their situation or to help others.  They will need to explain where the money will go.

The following activities are considered inappropriate behaviour:

  • Begging
  • Rudeness (language or gestures)
  • Indecent exposure (nudity)
  • Sexual displays

While some of these requirements may seem to encroach on the busker’s culture, acceptance by the audience’s culture will determine the long term success of the project.  Therefore a conservative position is necessary at this early stage.

Global Busker reserves the right to record any performance for promotional purposes.