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Project Plan

This document is subject to updates

Phase 1: Auditions (ongoing)

Software (2015 October – 2016 January):
Comparing basic free software such as skype, google hangouts, periscope with more sophisticated software such as Blue Jeans & Big Blue Button and web RTC generally.

Auditions (2015 November – 2016 January):
The audition phase will be used to test the following systems:
Audition process
Various Software architecture
Internet capacity
Performance coaching and feedback

Phase 2: Testing

Focus Groups: (2016 January)
Assessing viability including performance and internet quality

Hardware: (2016 January-February)
Testing Display & sound quality
pay wave service
bank transfer facility
content management software for unit
Dress rehearsal (2016 March)
Test whole unit including busker feedback

Phase 3: launch
To be updated

Phase 4: expand
To be updated

Ongoing review:
busker survey – to be updated
audience survey – to be updated
independent review – Independent evaluators to be engaged for launch and ongoing research for the first 12 months of project.
website feedback
Monthly feedback review
Ongoing technology improvements