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When you’re ready to become a full Global Busker, please read below

Optimal Requirements:
Income: extremely low (poverty or extreme poverty)
Location: Africa, Middle East, Asia and Pacific region
Performance appeal: very good
Internet capacity: very reliable
Recording equipment: A good mobile phone or webcam or better
Referee Organisation: A reputable organisation vouches for your situation and provides support

Minimum requirements:
Income: low
Location: Anywhere
Performance appeal: Ok
Internet capacity: connected
Recording equipment: A decent mobile phone or webcam or other
Evidence of Authenticity: Show reasonable evidence of financial, cultural or social disadvantage

Regarding Location:
The early stages of the project the performance times will be from 6pm to 10pm GMT+10 (Hobart Australia) on Fridays and Saturdays.  Asians would perform in the afternoon or evening.  Africans would perform in the morning.  This time slot is difficult for people in South America.  If successful, the project will expand into other locations and overcome time zone problems.

Regarding Internet:
Uploading for live video feed with reliable quality is expected to be the most difficult obstacle.  Most communities will have trouble.  Fortunately, this is a condition that is expected to improve rapidly over the next few years.

Regarding Referee Organisation:
You should ask a reputable NGO, charity or similar organisation to authenticate your situation.  If you don’t have this you will need to provide best evidence that you are in a disadvantaged situation.  The Referee Organisation may be best suited to apply on your behalf.

If you don’t meet the minimum requirements:
Please apply anyway.  We will look for new ways to help you onto the platform.

If you pass:

  • You will need to read and agree to the Rights & Responsibilities
  • You will need to perform for 1 hour every Friday and Saturday (for a minimum of 12 weeks)
  • You will be paid in advance: $100 Australian Dollars every 4 weeks (less transfer fees)
  • At the end of the month you will be paid any extra money earned over the initial $100

If you Fail:

  • You can always audition again
  • You will receive feedback on what improvements are required
  • See these Performance Examples

How to audition:

  • Record a video and upload it to Youtube
  • Fill out the form below