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The project is expected to launch in 2016.

Vision Statement
Imagine a world in which everyone is able to live an enriched, fulfilling life.  A world where we can cross the cultural barriers that divide us and begin to accept and even celebrate our differences.  To celebrate diversity we need some common ground.  We need a sense of global culture.  Global Busker deals with this challenge.


  • Musicians and performing artists from underprivileged communities will be transmitted over the internet to a large life-sized display
  • The display will be set up in a public space such as a marketplace or train station
  • The community can see, hear and appreciate the busker as a member of the community
  • the performance happens in real time

Raise Money

  • The audience can pay, and the money goes to the busker.
  • A small amount raised could double or triple the busker’s weekly income
  • It’s not a hand-out, it’s fee-for-service


  • The display will have a 2 way communication system
  • The busker can see and hear the audience
  • The busker can acknowledge applause and payment

We are currently looking for a suitable busker in India or another Asian country.  Please apply.

Stay tuned for Action Footage and Testimonials