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Money Model

Where does the money go?
The money raised by a busker is sent to the busker.  Buskers support their families with food, water, education and basic healthcare.  Buskers work with NGOs and their local community to decide how to distribute any surplus wealth.
A busker is required to declare (and submit) a philanthropy plan before they are able to perform as a Global Busker.  This document describes their intention to help their own community and is generally monitored by the community or NGO to which they are attached.

Any Fees?
International money transfers incur a fee.  In the past this fee has been around 15% but now with organisations such as: Currency Fair, GiveDirectly the fee is around 3%.  This figure will vary over time, and from country to country.
This means that effectively 97% of your donation ends up in the busker’s hands.

Are recorded performances going to be sold or monetised such as on Youtube?
No.  We would use the recordings to raise the profile of, and expand the project.  Any attempts to raise revenue from performances in a new or different way would be stated well in advance, on this website, and in email to the buskers.  The buskers would reserve the right to refuse this option on their own videos.  The buskers would likely be the beneficiaries of such a change (more money going to the busker).

How much does the Global Busker organisation get?

How does the Global Busker get paid?
Global Busker raises money through other sources of revenue such as philanthropic investors, sponsorship and renting the digital display in between busker performances.

Is this model subject to change?
Only with careful consideration.  We aim to improve the world as much as possible in terms of raising money for those in need and connecting cultures for more awareness and understanding.  If there are ways to improve our system we will explore them.  At the same time, we understand that success will require clean practises and a fair & transparent relationship with all interested parties including buskers, sponsors and members of the public.