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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Busker?
The concept is that a performer (busker) in an underprivileged community, performs over the internet to a life-sized display set up in a busker location, in more affluent community.  The performance will be live, and there will be 2 way camera interaction so that it feels like real busking.  Audience members have the option to pay the busker.

When will the busker perform and for how long?
The busker will perform every Friday and Saturday for 1 hour.  At this stage there will be 30 minutes performance, 30 minutes break, 30 minutes performance.  This is subject to review based on each situation and performer feedback.  

How much will a busker make?
$100 Australian, in advance, every 4 weeks.  At the end of 4 weeks they will receive any money earned over the initial $100.

Where does the money go?
The money is sent straight to the busker.  Learn more.

Are performances recorded?
We would like to keep and use performances for marketing purposes.

Are recorded performances going to be sold or monetised such as on Youtube?
No.  We would use the recordings to raise the profile of, and expand the project.  Any attempts to raise revenue from performances in a new or different way would be stated well in advance, on this website, and in email to the buskers.  The buskers would reserve the right to refuse this option on their own videos.  The buskers would likely be the beneficiaries of such a change (more money going to the busker).

Who’s the boss?
Russell Bailey.  Learn more.

What is a BDU?
A Busking Display Unit.  A life-sized digital display which is used to show the busker’s performance.  Usually set up in a busking market or similar location in an affluent community.

How can I apply to be a Busker?
go to our Audition page.

How can I help?
Like and share our facebook page.
Send feedback to
Offer sponsorship to


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