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About Us

Project Founder: Russell Bailey

Aged 34 years, Russell is a community leader with a talent for inspiring and motivating others, as well as lateral thinking and problem solving.  After 10 years of giving back to the community through musical leadership, he’s decided to focus on the interests of others and become a Global Citizen.

“I believe that we should take time to define and discuss the best possible future for life on earth. I can’t think of a better starting point that the UN backed Global Goals.”

As an active partner at RESULTS Australia, Russell works hard lobbying for the greater good.  He also supports Givewell, AMF, Rotary, Playing for Change, The Giving Pledge, Effective Altruism, Teaspoons of change, Mercy for Animals, Citizens Climate Lobby Australia and Solar Citizen.

Global Busker intends to create a deeper sense of global community and new opportunities for underprivileged musicians and performers to help themselves.

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